30 juni 2016

City of Utrecht Joins Workplace Pride

June 24, 2016

The Dutch City of Utrecht has joined Workplace Pride Foundation as one of a growing number of public sector entities that are putting LGBT workplace inclusion on their priority list. Workplace Pride is particularly pleased to see public sector entities (national and municipal governments) take up the cause of LGBT workplace inclusion as they are often some of the largest employers in countries.

” Diversity and inclusion policies and practices undertaken by governments are particularly powerful as they are a clear sign to their employees, but also to many citizens, that they are fully aware of the rich diversity and complexity of modern societies”, said David Pollard, Executive Director of Workplace Pride; “Gemeente Utrecht now joins Amsterdam, the Hague and Nijmegen as Dutch leaders of the municipal acceptance of LGBT people in the workplace”. 

Alderman Geldof who, along with Pollard, signed the Workplace Pride membership agreement at a special ceremony at the historic Utrecht’s Stadhuis spoke of his city’s long term commitment to LGBT inclusion for both its employees and its citizens. Leading the charge at Gemeente Utrecht has been Gio van den Heuvel, Leader of the city’s LGBT Network, “Utrecht Pride”.

Gemeente Utrecht joins Workplace Pride as its 45th member.

For more information about LGBT efforts at the City of Utrecht contact: g.van.den.heuvel@utrecht.nl

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