04 oktober 2015

Evgeny Morozov in Utrecht op 29 oktober 2015

Many tech companies pretend that their products contribute to a just and equal society. They offer ‘free’ services in exchange for our data. But what are the economical, political and social consequences of these seemingly beneficial deals? And why do our governments go along with plans coming out of Silicon Valley?

Internet skeptic Evgeny Morozov (Belarus, 1984) will present his views on the promises made by tech companies and the attitude of governments in these issues.

This lecture is presented in collaboration with Hacking Habitat, and part of Residenties in Utrecht.


Read more about Evgeny Morozov: http://www.evgenymorozov.com/

Read more about the Impakt Festival 2015: www.impakt.nl

Read more about Hacking Habitat: www.hackinghabitat.com

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